The Thuasne group is a globally recognised creator, manufacturer and distributor of wearable medical devices, including braces, supports and medical garments.

Thuasne, a family-owned company was founded in 1847, will celebrate its 170th birthday in 2017.

On the strength of its position as a French leader systematically establishing itself throughout Europe over the next 15 years. Currently the company's international expansion boasts a global presence.

Thuasne operates in a spirit of quality, service and responsibility but, above all, with a keen awareness of its responsibilities. Their medical devices are designed and developed, with the assistance of top orthopaedic and sports specialists, to help the recovery process as much as possible. To achieve this,they have extremely high standards in terms of the functions and quality of our products.


Elastic proprioceptive knee support (15-20mmHg)

Silistab AchilloSilistab Achillo
Achilles tendon ankle brace Includes:Modular silicone heel cups)=%%%
2355 02

Lumbar & Pelvic Posture-correcting Maternity Belt

One size fits all
0805 01

Ortel C4 VarioOrtel C4 Vario
Rigid cervical collar

Malleo DynastabMalleo Dynastab
Lace-up stabilising ankle brace

Immo ClassicImmo Classic
Immobilization of the shoulder and elbow

Ligaflex RhizoLigaflex Rhizo
Static thumb splint

Silistab EpiSilistab Epi
Anti-epicondylitis Brace
2305 02

Thoracic / Abdominal Binder
7010 07

Lombacross ActivityLombacross Activity
Dynamic posture-correcting lumbar support belt
0836 01

Lumbar-abdominal support belt
7680 05

Dynacross ActivityDynacross Activity
Reinforced lumbar-abdominal support belt
7685 01

Lombax OriginalLombax Original
Lumbar Support Belt
0824 03

Dorso Rigid 35Dorso Rigid 35
Immobilising spinal hyper-extension corset
0890 01

Lombax DorsoLombax Dorso
Posture-correcting dorsal-lumbar corset
0845 02

Ortel POrtel P
Sacro-Iliac, Pelvic Belt
2740 01

Ortel Hernia TrussOrtel Hernia Truss
Hernia Truss
2720 01

Abdominal support belt for stoma patients
2700 02

Ortel C1 ClassicOrtel C1 Classic
Light cervical collar
2393 02

Ortel C2 PlusOrtel C2 Plus
Semi-rigid cervical collar
2392 02

Ligaflex ClassicLigaflex Classic
Wrist immobilisation splint
2435 02

Ligaflex ManuLigaflex Manu
Wrist and thumb immobilisation splint
2430 02

Ligaflex ImmoLigaflex Immo
Wrist immobilisation splint, modular
7080 02

C1 Junior Cervical CollarC1 Junior Cervical Collar
Soft Cervical Collar
2620 001 004

Ligaflex Clavicular StrapsLigaflex Clavicular Straps
JUNIOR Clavicular Immobilization
2640 01

Compressive elastic ankle support
3600 02

Compressive elastic ankle support (20-36mmHg)
2361 02

ACL Bold (Genucontrol)ACL Bold (Genucontrol)
Hinged, rigid ligament knee brace
7857 01

Elastic knee support (20-36mmHg)
2325 02

Silistab GenuSilistab Genu
Knee brace with shock-absorbing patellar guide
2340 05

Ligastrap GenuLigastrap Genu
Ligament knee brace with funtional strapping
2170 02

Non-hinged walker boot

Adjustable Reinforced Lumbar Support Belt
0851 03.

Elastic knee support with lateral reinforcements (20-36mmHg)

Patellar BandagePatellar Bandage
Bandage with patellar shock absorber

Immo VestImmo Vest
Scapula-humeral immobilisation vest

Neoprene Shoulder BraceNeoprene Shoulder Brace
Shoulder joint support brace

Hot/Cold PackHot/Cold Pack
Temperature therapy device for various body parts

Ligaflex Clavicular StrapsLigaflex Clavicular Straps
ADULT Clavicular Immobilization

Genu DynastabGenu Dynastab
Polycentric hinged knee brace
2370 05

Genu Ligaflex (LONG Closed)Genu Ligaflex (LONG Closed)
TM5 Hinged ligament knee brace
2375 03

Ligastrap MalleoLigastrap Malleo
Ligament ankle brace with functional strapping (20-36mmHg)
2180 03.

Manurhizo JuniorManurhizo Junior
JUNIOR Wrist & thumb immobilizing splint
2630 02

Manuimmo JuniorManuimmo Junior
JUNIOR Wrist immobilization splint
2635 02

Genuaction JUNIORGenuaction JUNIOR
JNR Elastic knee support (20-36mmHg)
2615 01

Malleoaction JUNIORMalleoaction JUNIOR
JRN Elastic ankle support
2625 01

Genuimmo 0 degreeGenuimmo 0 degree
Knee Immobilization Splint
2415 01

Ortel C4 RigidOrtel C4 Rigid
Rigid Cervical Collar with Tracheal Opening
2396 03

Osteo-Med AkutOsteo-Med Akut
Osteoporosis brace to relieve and correct the lumbar/thoracic spine

Ligaflex ProLigaflex Pro
Wrist Immobilizing Splint
2433 02

Ligaflex Pro+Ligaflex Pro+
Wrist Thumb Immobilizer
2434 02