For the past 40 years Thuasne Thaemert, a German based company, has been producing and supplying high quality SILIMA breast forms, lingerie and accessories to the European and international market.

The breast forms are carefully manufactured in Grossburgwedel, Germany.

Thuasne is innovative and forward thinking thereby ensuring that SILIMA breast forms and lingerie designs keep pace with advancing surgical techniques as well as with the care needs of women who have undergone breast surgery. For example, regular developments of new and innovative products in different shapes and designs respond to advances in surgery techniques.

SILIMA's slogan 'Feels Like Second Nature' attests to the fact that the SILIMA brand is designed to contribute towards a patients feeling of natural wellbeing. Women who have undergone breast surgery particularly appreciate the silkiness of the breast forms, which feel gentle against their skin. Nothing weighs heavily, constricts, or is visible under clothing. The products also adapts well to the body and its natural movement. By wearing the prostheses in a well fitted SILIMA bra, the combination always creates an aesthetic and harmonious entity. The feminine body image is recreated: customised to the patients needs down to the last details. The confidence that comes from this restoration helps the patients to regain their zest for life and thus plays a key role in both the physical and mental healing process.